What is the Nefertiti facelift? 

The Nefertiti Facelift is named after Queen Nefertiti who was known for her smooth and contoured neck and jawline which has been revered over the centuries and held up as a sign of beauty. It is a non-surgical procedure using uses Botox® injections to redefine and contours the jawline and neck to counter the effects of gravity. It is the ideal treatment for those bothered by jowls and a saggy neck. 

What does the Nefertiti facelift involve?

The Nefertiti Facelift is a very effective treatment for contouring and defining the lines of the neck and jaw. The treatment is quick and minimally invasive. The Botox® works to relax the downward pulling muscles (known as “depressors”), allowing the muscles in the upper face (“elevators”) to pull the tissue up, thereby creating a lifting effect. 

It can be performed in as little as 15 minutes. There may be a small amount of discomfort from the injections but the treatment is not painful 

It takes around two weeks for you to see the results as the Botox® takes effect.



What kind of results can I expect with the Nefertiti facelift?

The Nefertiti facelift involves a series of Botox® injections along the jawline and into the muscle in the neck, which become more prominent in the neck with age.  The effects of Botox® injections are temporary so treatment may need to be repeated every three to six months to maintain results

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